Saturday, 21 March 2015

Feast of Crows....

Have been hoping to give my new Norman retinue a try out with Saga as I have never played with this faction despite the board coming in the original rule book. Friday evening saw the first opportunity and with three players it was a good chance to have a 'light hearted' go at the feast of crows scenario. The new Normans up against Saxons and grisly Vikings.
Table set up for the feast !  My saxons stuck in the bog, Vikings hemmed in a bit by the woods and the Normans cautiously  moving on from behind the village

Close up shot of the Normans coming on in two phases led by crossbows, Norman knights on the right flank.

After about 3 of the allotted 7 turns  nothing much has happened, my saxons are still getting their feet wet slogging through the boggy ground, at least the Vikings are starting to push along the road to tackle the Normans who seem reluctant to  get stuck in.

Finally the Saxons have something in their sights, but it has taken so long to get out of the bog my leader is somewhat reckless urging his lads on before his full warband has been able to form up.

Best shot of the battle and taken before my warband disintegrated. Vikings can be seen in the distance making a move for the Normans, but just when I thought their attention was looking the other way and we could snatch a few points by running into their flank they noticed the smell from the bog and turned our way !

Vikings are getting stuck in on both fronts but that is what they are good at. Saxon levy archers have finally woken up but far to late, my Saxon warlord has already been slain with some of his Ealdormen. Things didn't get much better from here as the Normans were reluctant to divert the Vikings attention and preferred to watch them demolish the Saxons off one unit after another. Victory to the Vikings

We res et the battlefield and swopped a couple of Warbands around. it seemed appropriate to try a completely different tactic for the Normans and see what they could do ?. I only had time for one photo as the Normans gallantly charged from the off across the table seeking to slaughter the Anglo-danes (who had replaced the Saxons) History was cruel and the Normans exceptionally reckless under my command. It didn't go well but at least I know what the capabilities of the Normans are now.


  1. Pretty light hearted first try I think Matt, you need to give them a few more tries. I just realised from the photo that Steve is wearing a vikings shirt - yet played Normans and Danes! And I still have cart envy.

  2. Cart was bought to be multi purpose dark ages, medieval, 18th century right upto WW2. Happy to give the. Normans a more considered go.