Monday, 2 March 2015

WW2 Eastern Front

Now technically I was supposed to be focussing on Lion Rampant, Operation Sealion and Greeks. But the family were all away this weekend  which gave me the opportunity for a Sunday afternoon game. Steve was up for learning Blitzkrieg Commander which I use for my 6mm WW2 figures. We spent about an hour teaching him the rules. Then played a general assault battle I took some photos which are below. Rather than a long description I put a couple of brief notes against each photo.
Broad view of the battle field German Panzer IV's and some supporting Wespe's and Artillery coming on from the right. The mistake the Germans made was evident at this point as you can see the small group of Panthers in the trees on the left. they had rolled far too well and rushed ahead without support and the Germans spent the rest of the battle trying to support them/rescue them.
A better view of the Panthers looking menacing in the trees, supported by two Stug's behind the small farm. Russians coming on from the left in force.
These two small farms became one of the hots spots of the battle and soon smoke was billowing across the battlefield. T34's pushing forward in the background.
On the far right of the battlefield the Germans were outgunned, the small built up area to the left of the church looked like a great objective and strong point for a small company of Panzer III's but they were outgunned by Russian heavier armed KV's and SU76's. The Germans never made it to the town and were beaten back in to the woods before behind destroyed.
Things have heated up in the centre, with T34's now challenging the Panthers in the wood. Stalemate around the two farms. (we are using the yellow markers for opportunity and initiative fire)
Final picture smoke every where but mainly on the German side. You can see the remains of the Panzer III's in the distance burning in the woods. The Germans have dug in in the field on the right and the Panzer IV's have swung round to support the battle at the farm. It was at this point that after a second command blunder that the Panthers started to pull back from the woods and we declared it a win for Ivan ! Excellent fun and we'll be playing again soon.

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