Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Russian Town Part 2

I am starting to look at our next adventure on the Eastern front and we have the idea that we might like to fight some more urban based battles. With this in mind I have been looking to extend my current 6 mm building collection. Timecast are lovely buildings but not cheap even in 6 mm and whilst looking I came across Leven Minatures. I ordered a couple to see what they were like. Here they are with a couple of Timecast terrace blocks I picked up at salute.

They all fit fairly well together altough I have the Leven Church yet to complete and this looks a bit small in comparison. The rest I think make up a reasonable town centre area. The Leven buildings are a bargin in price for the quality.


  1. Great..especially the bombed out building!

  2. Thanks if you have never seen them Timecast do this with all their buildings a complete one and a bombed version great idea.