Thursday, 18 June 2015

Waterloo 200 Celebration

This feels like a special day for me and I guess many other Wargamers around the world. Much has been said about the battle but it is hard to underestimate what it means for so many involved in our hobby. I thought I would recognise the event by posting a couple of photos of why it is important to me.


These were pretty much the first soldiers I bought around 1972 (aged 8) from Woolworths these were bought on the back of Donald Featherstones original War Games Book which I think had been a present for my older brothers. I had played with their soldiers before but these were mine.

Here they are still on the Battlefield 40 + years later a couple of re-paints and new bases, (the Highland Infantry are just top left)

Final shot then walking the battlefield with my son, not my first trip but it was his, we had a great day and we visited most of the famous locations on the battlefield, I had taken with us a number of the famous eye witness accounts and I read them to him at the place where the events took place. Our little piece of living history.

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  1. We should play with those figures again, it was a good game. If you can remember the rules!