Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Daring Rescue of Charlie Hickman : IHMN

In our last instalment of IHMN whilst the Botchergate Ruffians successfully made off with the secret maps which Justice Blackborough had been expecting, Charlie Hickman the well known local bare knuckle fighter had been captured by the Peelers. The Mask (aka Blackborough) had sworn to get him back before he was shipped off to the prison or worse (Australia...actually this might make a nice scenario?)

So a couple of days later as the light was fading the Mask and the Botchergate Ruffians planned their raid. Charlie was being held in the Carlisle Police Station so it was going to be tough to get him out. Luckily for the towns folk Chief Inspector Rose had got wind of the attempt  and together with a small group of trusted constables he headed for the Station.

Together with Sargent Byrne the Inspector had a close friend of his (the Doctor) who was visiting the area and a new secret policing weapon. Only recently manufactured and normally restricted for military use the first Steam powered law enforcement officer. Constable 101 or Fergusson (short for Fergusson Automated Steam Constable) this was going to be the first test of Fergusson outside of the training school.

Botchergate Ruffians make their way across farmland
Whilst the Ruffians make their way across farmland towards the Police the distance they can hear an unusual clanking sound ? We had set the scenario up with Charlie Hickman on the top floor of the Police Station. The Ruffians would need to break in, get past two on duty officers and get Charlie out of town.

We also set the scenario during twilight mainly coz you wouldn't make a raid like this during the day and secondly it would reduce the impact of the deadly Russian sniper Smirnov who had been a little too lethal last game.

Inspector Rose plans his ambush ?
Fergusson has a couple of special rules, obviously fairly slow so no running, carries a steam cannon (same as flame thrower) also he is a +3 dangerous terrain so if wounded or knocked out he will explode. Hopefully unlikely as he has plate armour....finally he doesn't say much !
Botchergate Ruffians give the game away allowing on duty Bobby to lock the gates

Charlie shouts for help from inside !
We allowed the Constabulary to place two officers inside the station as 'on duty' one guarding Charlie the other outside but he decided to run inside and lock the door.

The Ruffians split up
The Ruffians split up some heading through the graveyard others heading straight for the front door. Smirnov taking up a position near the church, but he light was fading and his visible range was already down to 24"

Peelers fan out and then wait
This was also the first time we had a medic on the table in the form of the good Doctor (need to think of another name)
Ruffians prepare to break in whilst Fergusson trundles forward oblivious !

Police in wait for the Ruffians to break cover

Whose got the key ?
We have some simple rules D6 for doors which are locked so having jumped over the wall the Constabulary were relieved to find they had locked the main door which held the Ruffian back a while. But eventually the door was forced.
Victorian community policing !
Two of the Peelers had made their way through the graveyard to circle around the station but things soon kicked off and Mrs parkin was the first casualty. Fergusson started to clank forward hopefully going to flatten everything in his path !
Tussle breaks out at the front
At the front door the Chief Inspector led his men forward, somewhat headstrong ! the Mask immediately jumped over the wall with his men and set to !

Things go badly for the Constabulary
Things went badly with first the Chief Inspector and then one of the constables being knocked to the ground........luckily the Doctor was on hand to rush in and give aid going first to his friend the Inspector. At the other end of town in the graveyard on of the Ruffians took his revenge out on the unsuspecting constable jumping out of the gloom and knocking him to the ground.
Revenge in the graveyard !
Back outside the police station drama was unfolding, showing just the kind of evil chaps the Ruffians are. Whilst the Doctor attended the Inspector he was jumped on from behind and also knocked to the ground !
Evil doing indeed........

Mean while at the rear.........
Luckily the Doctor is made of stern stuff, passed his pluck roll jumped up and chased after his attacker with the help of another constable they gave him a good and well deserved  thrashing !

Inside the station
By now at least two of the Ruffians had made it into the building, had knocked out the first Bobby (stealing the keys) and made their way upstairs. However in an epic struggle the remaining constable was able to knock them down one at a time (I haven't decorated the building yet). Some cheering from the Constabulary here.....but the Mask himself was in the building it might be too much to was and the Mask was able to release Charlie. But now could they get away ?

Hot foot to the front door..
Running downstairs and with the light really fading the Mask leads Charlie out of the station. But all is not lost the Doctor in a heroic act of bravery attempts to recapture Charlie.

Grappling with Hickman  the Doctor shouts for the nearby Constables to come to his aid as they start to respond, the Mask bellows across the road let him have it ! and the Ruffian with the Arc weapon pulls the red lever...never quite sure what will happen a huge arc of bright light zaps across the road turning the constable into a shaking dribbling mass on the floor.

It is time for them to make their escape...but from nowhere Fergusson 'clanks' his way to the front of the station, one last chance to keep Hickman behind bars. He is going to be tough to wrestle down in combat with all that plate armour. But then one final twist to the story, from out of the twilight one final shot rings out, despite the gloom Smirnov who is now back on the hill aims for a weak spot in the armour and with a whoosh of steam Fergusson grinds to a halt. The steam explodes catching a final constable but only showering the Mask in hot water. The Ruffians can finally make good their escape.


With that the Ruffians melted away into the darkness.........the Doctor returned to the Chief Inspector to give him the bad news they would have to think carefully about their next move.

Post Script : another excellent battle full of fun, twists and turns. More ideas for Companies, scenarios and adventures......... quite liking the rules and the ability to develop our own ideas.


  1. That damned Smirnov again! But huzzah for the plucky doctor!

  2. It feels just like I was there!

    Great stuff Matt, the zap was the icing on the cake. Still think you should have called it Police Locomotive Operative Device though.

  3. Thanks guys only time will tell where these adventures will end !

  4. Really lovely looking battle report. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the kind to play and fun to share. Hopefully more to come.