Friday, 5 June 2015

Something different : Kings of War

We have played lots of WHFB in the dungeon over the years but there is much talk about the systems demise (In fact I am quite looking forward to seeing the new skirmish rules when they come out) anyway I digress......sometimes we forget there are lots of different rule sets out there. The other evening John one of the regular dungeon visitors brought along a couple of copies of Kings of War the Mantic fantasy battles by Alessio Cavatore.

John also has huge numbers of fantasy figures which because they are based differently and not painted don't get out of the box very often , so we broke the normal blog rules ! Just got the on the table and played a couple of battles.

The rules themselves are pretty easy to pick up and the bulk are covered in 20 pages of the little booklet in the picture. We had fun rolling some dice so that is the first box ticked, they are simple and on a couple of occasions large units just disappeared in one go. Magic is cut down to the very basic minimum they are probably most like Dux Britanium and are well suited to armies which are based up in groups.

My thoughts were it would work really well on armies say 10 or even 6 mm where you could fight battles on a really epic scale. But I was thinking of collecting any more fantasy at this stage. We had fun playing two scenarios the second trying to capture objectives. If you get a chance give them a look.

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