Sunday, 14 June 2015

Strange goings on in the Carlisle Cemetery : IHMN

Having rescued Charlie Hickman the week before Justice Blackborough and the Botchergate Ruffian gang was back out on the trail of mischief. It was a cold night and the fog was thick having cased the local bank their quickest way home was through the City Cemetery.

Little did they know that the Earl of Lonsdale and his Fops had got wind of them and had planned an ambush, but there was more in the Cemetery than they had bargained for and the fog was so thick nobody could see what they were doing.

For this adventure the Ruffians needed to get across the Cemetery as quickly as possible. The Fops just had to stop them but hidden in the larger vaults were one or two surprises. We also felt fog was a good addition which limited any long range sniping ! We also gave everybody cover if they were standing next to a gravestone.

Ruffians enter Cemetery from across the fence and the Fops through the main gate
As soon as the Ruffians get too close a couple of giant rats rush out.....
The fog rule was the standard 2xD10 each turn and throughout the game the fog never really lifted beyond about 16" and on most occasions was much less.

Both sides spread out and worked slowly across the cemetery keeping
close to cover.
Foolishly one of the Fops lets the mummy free from its tomb and then
runs in terror
Skirmishing spreads out across the table
Both the giant rats and the mummy had their own stat line and would chase the nearest living creature attempting to kill it in combat or until they were killed. The mummy naturally was very tough, but the bones of the mummy should it be killed would reveal certain mystical powers, the question was if anybody was going to be foolish enough to attempt to kill it ?

Mummy scents another victim

Charlie the tough guy taken down by a Rat !

Almost everybody fighting at once
 The Mask had brought his Lady friend known to most only as 'Scarlet', whilst clearly a ravishing beauty she is also a deadly killed carrying an assassins blade dipped in poison....don't mess with Scarlet !
dropping like flies !

Tom's made of sterner stuff than you think and survived this combat

Another successful use of the Arc weapon
 Sadly the Arc weapon failed to fire when attempting to hit the mummy, which seemed like a great way to knock it out, instead the engineer turned it on one of the fops ZAP !

Avoiding the mummy
 By now it was clear that everybody needed to avoid the mummy in combat so Lady Violet and Mrs Cranston spent a lot of time dodging around one of the Greek statues in the Cemetery

Another victim to the rats in the fog !
 Hadn't expected the rats to be anything other than annoying but they actually knocked out two Ruffians.
Very unsporting behaviour on both sides
Things got a little unsavoury at this point, the second Fop not to be fooled by Scarlet managed a lucky shot and she was out of the game, in a gruesome revenge attack Mrs Cranston met her end hit over the head with the Arc weapon !

Cornered ?
 The Mask having realised that nearly all his gang were out for the count made a dash for the baseline only to end up in combat with a Fop and the housekeeper, Smirnov came to the rescue with just enough visibility in the fog, the Mask despatched the other. He would surely now be home free  ?

Take that !
 From no where Lady Violet rushes round distracting the Mask whilst the Earl shoots him in the back.

Old Tom hits the ground.....
 At the other end of the Cemetery, Old Tom tried to catch a fleeing Ruffian but by now the old guy was pretty tired and not up to much so he was knocked to the ground as the Ruffian dashed off into the foggy streets.
A final shot........
 And what of the mummy, surely not, somehow it had managed to corner Smirnov should he run or should he shoot ? only one option really breathing deeply he took aim and as the mummy loomed out of the fog his gun jammed ! well can't win them all he fled terrified over the hedge.

Another good battle which we judged a draw but the real winner was IHMN. Lots more adventures think the earl needs to go to Egypt  !


  1. The dastardly Smirnov turning tail and making a run for it! Whatever next! Great stuff! A joy to read as always!

  2. I think the beauty of IHMN is almost anything might happen next !. I have been working on some terrain recently which will add quite a few more options and locations for adventures.