Monday, 13 June 2016

FInd the Halfling : terrain update

Two weeks now to the show at Rheged , check out Pheonix Lakeland Wargames Exhibition on Facebook. Preparation is going well a weekend interrupted by two extremes of cultural experience....but I managed to pretty much complete the terrain for the participation game.

Repainting some previous building ruins to match in, completing Amon Hen watch tower itself and finally my newly arrived fallen head statue. Happy with the results, the new hill is almost complete as well so will post a full completed table when I have finished the trees ! A bit of repainting and then lots of fiddly bits to finish off.

I am really enjoying the project and trying to stick to the rule that everything could be used for other games.


  1. Starting to look really good, I love the head and the temple/crypt. Will try to come over as I missed the Durham show

    1. Thanks will try and do a full set up soon😀

  2. Ooh...that is looking brilliant. Can't wait to see it in all its glory!

  3. That is all looking very good, well done Sir.