Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Rheged to Historicon !

After working on the Lord of the Rings stuff for a while my mind has turned to the next project. i managed to pick up some bits at the show....partly I felt it was important to support those traders who had made the effort to come along to Penrith.

A slightly mixed bag, some 6mm buildings from Leven Minatures, these are for our developing (but not started yet) Normandy ww2 campaign. A mix of Normandy type houses and farm buildings so some flexibility. Some more Blitzkrieg Germans for operation Sealion, and then some more LOTR second hand stuff from the bring and buy. Oh and a fat monk bought by a friend 😀

I am currently working on creating more fields and hedges again with nor any in mind, however, my mind is currently over stimulated by the prospect of my coming jaunt to the USA. Having clearly 
been good in a previous life Mrs Dungeon has allowed me some free time and I am off to America to visit as many ACW battlefields as I can in two weeks taking in Historicon on the way 🤓. It seems slightly bizarre to go from possible the smallest to probably the largest Wargame convention in a couple of weeks !

Now I know I am lucky, and I know others will undoubtedly be jealous but my plan is to blog from the states on my adventure. I am genuinely worried that this might seem like crowing but I will try hard not to make it sound like that, and plan to use it more like a diary of the trip.


  1. Nice collection. Have a great time. Lots of pictures please on you retufn

    1. THanks at least 6mm isn't too hard to store !