Sunday 26 February 2017

Stuff from Scotland

Really couldn't think what to call this post, half term last week so took my daughter to Edinburgh for the week. We visited some castles, watched some films, bought a couple of bits and I painted a few figures. Apart from being forced into buying a very expensive Suicide Squad T shirt a successful trip 😀
Elsdon Motte and Bailey castle one of the best we have been to, but out of the way. Tower in the background.
The Castle from the village...
The Battlefield at Otterburn 1388 a really nice day, worth stopping off for half an hour
The Otterburn battlefield monument erected in the 1700,s marks the Scottish camp.
Hailes Castle one of the oldest in Scotland and only about 30 mins from Edinburgh dating back to C13

Truck bought for 50p Unimog by Siku
A black cab again 50 p scale may be slightly small
Some of the figures I managed to paint in the evenings for the up and coming Sealion game
German command
Lady Cavendish on her way to Zanzibar
Some local hired mercenaries for Lord Cavendish but can they be trusted ?

For those who made it this far we also watched the Great Wall action film which we enjoyed lots and Hacksaw Ridge lots of blood but also recommended 😀


  1. Love Edinburgh but don't tell the wife...she's from Glasgow!

    1. I'd go with Edinburgh but what do I know as an Englishman 😀

  2. looks like a great week, see you soon

  3. Fair bit of painting you shoehorned in there, and nicely done too. May check out Hailes castle when we are up that way for Carronade in May.

    1. Worth a visit but it is east of Edinburgh. Outside chance that I might go to Carronade this year will let you know🙂

  4. Nice photos, thanks for sharing. The Sealion stuff looks good.

  5. Great looking photos and splendid figures Matt!

  6. Grand week on all fronts there!

  7. Looks like a good week and I like what you got painted.
    Best Iain