Thursday, 23 July 2015

Back to Normandy : FoW

I am definitely way behind on blogging as this battle seemed ages ago. Our second battle getting back into Flames of War. The Americans made the mistake of turning up with 4th Infantry Division again with some tank support...but they were up against a pretty tough Panzer group, STUGs Pz IV's and one of those Tigers. Randomised the scenario and rolled the breakthrough, this was going to be really tough for the Americans as one of the key objectives in the scenario is in the corner where the Germans were allowed to bring on reserves.

Not for the purists as the Germans have a capture Spitfire !
With lots of American infantry the best solution seemed to be to dig them in and try and hold back the German advance. Heavy machine guns set up along the road with heavy weapons in support. Other infantry occupied the church and some of the woods.

German armour advances
With combined fire power the American shermans were able to hold the advancing German armour back...but they took a lot of casualties in the process. Which meant they had no reserve for later in the battle.
Shermans to the rescue
By the end the American tanks were pretty much dead where the stood, they had significantly dented the german advance and although I didn't get a picture American rangers had started to push any German infantry back as well. Unfortunately the key objective was un protected and German Tanks made a lighting advance from the flank. Despite a desperate attempt by the USAF they just couldn't shake them from the objective and it was game over. One nil for blitzkrieg.
By the end of the battle American armour is in a mess !
A good battle but big advantage for the Germans..

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