Thursday, 23 July 2015

Trouble down by the river : Muskets and Tomahawks

Somewhere in the last couple of weeks we also had another run out for Muskets and Tomahawks the set up being a small village close to a river. As I haven't been able to paint any more French the sides are pretty much the same as last time. A native indian war party armed with a mixture of muskets and bows, together with a small contingent of Canadian/French settlers. We rolled up a full scenario this week. And the Indians had to burn the village ! this allowed the cowardly British to sit back and wait.
Indians coming on again with hidden markers (the wolf)

A rattle of gunfire from the woods
With the river only passable at the crossing points the native americans are forced to make a costly frontal assault. With a small flanking party sent he other side of the river.
British rangers supported by Mohawks and a company of Red coats

Skirmishing in the woods
A furious skirmish battle started in the woods as this was gogin to be key to getting to the village. But despite the Natives best efforts the british rangers get the better of it.
Cowardly British hiding in the village !
The French / Canadians kept up a long range exchange of fire with the rangers in the village hoping to pin them down to give the natives time to push through the woods or cross the river but they were running out of time.
Flank attack across the river
Eventually the Natives across the river made a dash for it surprising the Redcoats. They tried to force a crossing under heavy volley fire, but soon the river was running red with native American blood !. Despite frantic attempts they couldn't get across the river and the british were able to call across the Mohawks to strengthen the village defences.
High point for the Native Americans almost forcing the river

Too little too late and the Mohawks strengthen the village defence.
We had time for another game so set up another scenario disappointingly the Natives this time had to kill the villagers in the village. It felt very familiar and I was worried immediately that the Natives had no chance. But shows you can never tell using almost the same tactic the native swarmed across the field, through the woods wiping out any rangers in  their path. In about two turns the natives had inflicted a devastating defeat on the British killed and scalped all the villagers pretty much a wipe out with only a few cowardly redcoats left at the end.
Two fun battles which left me wondering why the natives had done so badly first time....and thinking I really need to get some time to paint up the French and additional British infantry I have. I really fancy some slightly larger French Indian War battles !

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