Monday, 20 July 2015

The Age of Sigmar

Have got slightly behind on blogs over the last two weeks, so I am going to rattle through  a couple to catch up. Lots then has been said and printed about the new Age of Sigmar, so we gave it a go on the try everything once basis.

We set up two of our older armies High Elves and Beastmen (Chaos Beasts) playing a simple line them up scenario. As everybody has already pointed out a lack of a points system means the armies weren't very even but we had no idea how things would fight against other things.
High Elves and Beasts line up
The High Elves were very 'shooty' and soon managed to kill most of the Minotaurs, Most things have a very limited save of 6+ so initially the advantage was with the Elves.
Beast Charge across the table
The rules are easy to follow and fairly quick to pick up and much more akin to Lion Rampant than 8th addition fantasy. Some bits I liked in 8th addition it was hard to get the centigors on the table as they were very expensive for their limited effectiveness. It also felt right with them being a kind of skirmish band running through the woods.

Battlelines about to get to grips
But the rules are very simplistic which left me feeling that when the two battle lines clashed it was all a bit too predictable. This may just have been a function of the armies we had and the way the two lines came together.

High Elves outnumbered in the centre

Bestigors charge in
So I guess like a lot of people the rules just don't quite have the elegance of Lion Rampant and lack the complexity and tactical challenge of bigger fantasy rules. I do wonder if they would work better with smaller armies effectively as a skirmish rule set. So we may try and give them another go but with less figures ? It has made us think that we should write Lion Rampant rules for some of our fantasy armies.

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