Friday, 3 July 2015

Tomahawks dipped in blood

The table was still set up from last weekend so with a different visitor to the dungeon we played the same Muskets and Tomahawks scenario but swopped things around a bit. The natives were again looking to slaughter the villagers whilst the plucky British colonials were looking to scout all four table quarters. I didn't have the rule book so we didn't have extra objectives for each side.

The British lined up to defend the villagers

The Church was now in the centre
The Huron War party came on again as hidden units and proved really difficult to spot as they kept to the terrain features. The larger unit of Rangers, even though they couldn't see the enemy pushed across to protect the civilians getting into the small copse by the barn. M&T is not a good game to be out in the open.

British Infantry look to advance upto the church

Forward boys.......
Some well aimed shooting from the Rangers and the Mohawks sent the first two groups of Huron back but a larger group where still closing from within the larger woods to the right.
Civilians being a bit indecisive.. but Mohawks covering their retreat
The Huron break from cover and butcher the Rangers, despite the mohawks firing back it is ineffective. Luckily we roll a random event which saw the Natives in the woods attacked and savaged by a wolf, dangerous place North America ! it wasn't going to be enough though and the Mohawks were also soon despatched.
Skirmishing breaks out in the woods
Following this photo the Huron broke out again from the woods easily pushing the Mohawks to one side and slaughtering the first group of villagers. Things were getting critical and the Red coats had to be diverted to help out. But it was too late although the Rangers just managed to scout out the 4 quarters it was a moral victory to the Huron with all the villagers slaughtered and probably scalped.
Reload ..FIRE !
All is too late for the Red coats.


  1. Nice stuff Matt, looks like the Huron player was a very wily chap. You need better smoke markers.

    1. Thanks the Huron didn't learn their lesson though when they played their next scenario. Know what you mean about the smoke but the little white balls are a great compromise between gaming and look.