Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Raid on Carlisle Castle : IHMN

Colonel Cavendish had just returned to the regimental base at Carlisle Castle from an extended trip to Africa where a small contingent of the Border Regiment had been involved in an awkward affair involving a Tomb a girl and some Ottoman Treasure (future scenario I think).

Having settled back into routine military life he wasn't expecting anything exciting to happen in fact he had sent some of the new privates on exercise as things were so quiet. Little did he know that Justice Blackborough AKA the Mask had planned a daring raid on the Castle to steal weapons and ammunition to sell on the black market.

(Scenario : Ruffians had a random set up outside the castle walls with four different ways in. The Borderers were in various locations, Officers mess, workshop and some in the woods on exercise. The objectives...'weapons' were hidden in crates on or close to the wall, both companies seeking to collect weapons and get them off the board to safety)

Alarm is raised in the Castle as the first Ruffians approach the walls
We played the scenario at twilight so Smirnov the sniper was at a disadvantage.
Borderers have one Auto-Steam Private with a flame cannon
he proved to be not very effective !

Privates on exercise are alerted by the Castle Alarm and race back

Other Botchergate Ruffians look to breach the walls

First blood to the Ruffians and the flame cannon misfires

Soldiers rush to their posts in the Castle

Soldiers fight back knocking out two Ruffians on the Castle walls

The Mask has led his gang right into the heart of the Castle but
the soldiers are putting up a stiff fight

Outside the walls Smirnov the Russian sniper stands guard

Another Ruffian goes down to the Colonels sword

Sergeant Maxwell also proves a dab hand with his Rapier

Outside again Scarlet makes off with stolen weapons (not sure
where she is hiding them?)

The Mask is cornered but he quickly despatches Sgt Maxwell and turns
to face Colonel Cavendish

The Colonel whilst brave is somewhat foolish charging in
against the Mask who is not to be trifled with in close combat !
In the end the Borderers were able to save and secure more weapons and ammo than the Ruffians but the loss of Sgt Maxwell and Colonel Cavendish (both badly wounded...not dead) was a heavy price to pay.


  1. Very nice AAR ! Liked the comic book style :)

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    1. Thanks M I wish I had more time to do a proper job, it makes me realise how much effort goes into some peoples blogs.

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    1. Thanks for your kind support more to come soon.