Sunday, 4 October 2015

Just one more beer for the Centigors : Lion Rampant

Lion Rampant has been one of those rules sets which have been really easy to pick up and play. We have played them in medieval and LOTR so we thought to try them in fantasy, to see if they gave a better game than Age of Sigmar.

So we set up two 28 point warbands/retinues. Dwarves vs Beasts.

Easy to work out a list....... together with my Wargor leader, a unit of Minotaurs, mounted men at arms with wild charge feeling about right for these guys, 2 units of Bestigors playing as foot men at arms, armoured and heavy weapons again feeling right straight away. Then a unit of gors as sarjeants but shiltron didn't feel right so I upgraded them to expert making them a bit better in combat but they wouldn't line up. Finally a chance to get the centigors on the table as Mounted Yeoman, although they have spears this felt me a point spare so I left them to play as bows.

They were up against quite a large force of dwarves, with very simple terrain we played the convoy scenario with the dwarves carrying beer across the table. This means the beastherd comes on from the three corners.

Centigors are fast and skirmish very effectively
 The yeoman cavalry was the revelation of the game and I will definitely be using them in other medieval battles very effect as with their skirmish rule they can move in fire and then get away.
Dwarves spread out in the background

Wild charge ! minotaurs hang back initially waiting their chance

Time for the minotaurs to get stuck in

The game swung although with their greater speed the beast had the best of it. I had to get my head round the fact that beasts were probably better in this kind of format

 Gradually the dwarves were whittled down, although by now both leaders had been killed, the Beastlord defeating the dwarf lord in a challenge and then falling foul of being in a small unit.

Dwarves make a run for it....short legs though !

In the end the Centigors were able to chase them down
The rules played pretty well and it was an enjoyable game. It takes time to adjust to a different system where the old fantasy factions don't have the same positive/negative attributes but it was still probably slightly too simplistic loosing a little of the subtlety of WHFB. It was nice to get the centigors on the table as they are pretty rubbish in WHFB rules these days. Not sure how different dragon Rampant will be ? we'll wait and see.


  1. That last shot is great, a twilight moment for the stout ones.

    I don't think Dragon Rampant will be markedly different to the current book - types of troops the same but with different names, few extra rules for monsters and flyers and undead, but steady as she goes is my guess. We shall see soon enough.

    1. If only dwarves could run faster !

  2. I played a couple of games of fantasy Lion Rampant a while back...worked really well, I thought. Though I guess you're right the diffentiation between units is not as pronounced so it perhaps loses some of that WFB flavour.

    1. Part of it may be that each unit has the same number of troops, so you loose the difference between a small number of tough figures against a big horde of say orcs or beasts. Hopefully DR may accommodate this ?

    2. From what I have read of the new rules, this is far too sophisticated an upgrade.