Friday, 30 October 2015

Rescue at Moota Common : VBCW

Since the Battle for Low House Farm (see previous post) the boundary between the West Cumberland Socialist Alliance forces and the Albertine forces around Maryport have been fairly quiet with both sides settling into a 'watch and see' approach. This extra time has given the Crimson Commissar time to co-op further troops. But in secret preparation for a more aggressive assault on the Albertine held territory SE of Maryport the Socialists have been carrying out extensive recon. This has included aerial recon by Comrade Natasha Ristic. A heroin of early Russian aviation but also one of the Commissar's close female friends, apparently he has many such 'friends'.

Whilst she is an excellent and skilled pilot the mists across the hills of West Cumberland can be deceptive and on her lastest mission a slight error of judgement has caused the lovely Natasha to crash land on Moota Common a particularly bleak and remote area. The Socialist under the Commissar have immediately sent out a rescue force but they will have to race the Albertines under Captain Morris who is also racing to the crash site knowing hte downed pilot is likely to have important secrets and information of the Alliances forces and future plans.

(the crash site was set up in the centre of the battlefield/common the objective for both sides being to capture/rescue Natasha and get her back to their respective baseline, although we originally set 6 turns it was obvious this wasn't going to happen so we extended the game)

The crash site can be seen in the centre where Natasha has landed her I-16, it is burning so they need to get her out soon. Albertines are advancing from the North the Socialist Alliance down hill from the South.
Moota Common
Both sides have infantry and some mobile support, but only infantry units are allowed to rescue Natasha and bring her back to base.
Wigton Local Defence Volunteers head towards the plane
Over the brow of the hill a unit of Russian sailors appear and so begins a long range fire fight with neither side willing to rush out into the open.

Russian Unit appears over the hill !
 Other units have been sent more directly towards the crash site. A socialist workers unit, but the Wigton lads are supported by a newly aquired armoured car.

Units contesting the crash site.
 Having spotted the enemy in force both unit commanders have ordered supporting artillery to deploy and they start to take pot shots at anything they can see, This is mainly ineffective from both sides.

Albertine Regulars from Prince Alberts' Cumberland Rangers 1st Battalion
At the crash site neither side has been able to rescue Natasha as desperate hand to hand fighting and volley fire make the area close to the plane a very hot place to be for any length of time.
Desperate hand to hand fighting
Artillery firing up onto the hill
Alliance mobile support forces its way around the left flank
Eventually after a short lull in the fighting the Cumberland Rangers are able to drag Natasha free from the plane, they are somewhat taken aback by her attire which seems to attract a lot of attention from some members of the squad. Unfortunately this is just the loss of concentration and focus they could do without and the unit is ambushed and nearly the whole unit is taken out. Luckily two lads survive and after considerable shouting from Capt Morris they start to escort Natasha back down the hill.

Natasha is rescued from the burning plane
But the escape is not over yet and the Commissar who has now reached the plane himself realizes that not only his lover but the information she knows is heading down the hill. He charges his remaining force forward. Some of these are held at bay by accurate fire laid down by the Cumberland Rangers.

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If they can only get Natasha to the woods Captain Morris is waiting there to question her, but the Socialist forces are closing in.
Capt Morris 'hiding' in the woods.
In a final feat of heroic madness and overwhelmed by his passion the Commissar decides to rush forward on his own to rescue his girl, leaping on Captain Morris and heedless of his own safety. In the ensuing brawl both Commanders are knocked unconscious to the ground somewhere in the woods and are out of the game.
Quick bring her down here lads !
At this point with more Alliance forces massing on the hill and undercover of the remaining Albertine infantry Natasha is escorted away for interrogation. Later both the Commissar and Captain Morris dazed and covered in mud rejoined their forces. One to hopefully gain information and the other to plan her rescue.
Natasha being led away ! for interrogation
Another fun battle....and it has obviously set up another scenario to be played at a later date.


  1. That looked a great battle. Hope Natasha doesn't stay captive too long

    1. Thanks for looking I think we will need a scenario to rescue Natasha fairly soon.

  2. Another superb episode! Really enjoying these.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement....not sure how long Natasha will be held as I have been painting some Spartans for a change !

  3. Looks very nice, great rescue scenario!

    1. Thanks it is pretty much a copy from the bolt action main rule book.