Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Norman/Viking Conquest : SAGA

In between the furious VBCW battles we dragged out our Dark age figures. At the start of the year the newly built Norman faction saw quite a bit of action in Lion Rampant but has only been out a couple of times as a SAGA force. So it was good to get them out into action against some angry looking vikings. 26 points each which is fairly easy as I have quite a few figures. For a scenario we decided to play some from the LR book as there is a wider selection and the basic Saga scenarios can be a bit limiting. We fairly randomly picked the scenario where both sides had to spend as long as possible at a designated feature in the centre of the table in this case the fairly obvious cross, no doubt the resting place of a local saint or monk ?

Both factions face off
The Normans are generally more mobile due to their cavalry but the trick would be keeping away from the hard hitting Viking warriors who would, given any chance, be boosting their combat with re-rolls etc.
A lot of shouting and arm waving from the vikings !
Norman tanks !
Having played the Norman board a couple of times I wanted to include some archers as they have several shooty abilities which aren't any use for crossbows.

Tank shock !
The vikings were in quickest to the cross and set up a screen of levy archers levy to hold the Normans back. With their extra mobility the Norman Knights charged across the table to scatter the bowmen and chase the first line of vikings away but they had soon blown their Horses and were overpowered. Although costly it meant the Vikings no longer had any missile troops. Now the Normans could keep their distance and only charge in when the enemy were weakened.

More Tank shock !
After a couple of turns more Norse infantry was rushing to the cross so the second unit of Norman knights had to  charge in as well pushing the warriors away and then following through into another unit already reduced by cross bow fire,
Deadly crossbows
We have found the crossbows to be pretty tough in Saga and they again proved a really useful unit whittling down enemy units from afar. In this case more warriors again digging the bones up from under the scared cross. They were to pay the price though as the Viking warlord in a fit of heroic rage charged them down.

Ragnar ? heroic charge
In the end though heroics can only get you so far and the Normans had managed to reduce the vikings to the last few Warriors who now heavily outnumbered chose to withdraw.

The Sacred bones are saved ! bon
Good game close all the way through, the Normans were good to play as they have a little of everything, and are a nice mixed force. This prompted me to get my Crescent & Cross rule book out of its plastic cover and made me think it is time to paint the moors up !


  1. Splendid! SAGA games always seem brutally quick and exciting! Really must get a game in with my Vikings.

  2. Thanks, dark age battles do have a lovely feel, hope to have some larger battles soon.