Thursday, 15 October 2015

Kings of War : New Rules

We tried something new a couple of weeks ago. Having tried Age of Sigmar and found it just too simplistic but still keen to get our massed fantasy troops onto the battlefield we tried the 'newly' released Kings of War luckily John one of the regular dungeon visitors has a shiny new copy of the rules.

It is a great book including the rules and all the army lists plenty of photos etc. we have played the old version a couple of times so it was fairly easy to pick up. The rules themselves strip out much of the complexity of WHFB but are significantly more interesting and tactical than AoS. We played a couple of games in the evening as the rules play really fast. A simple encounter and then a more scenarios based combat trying to control the central part of the battlefield.

Creating army lists is really simple as units are either 10,20, or 40 figures so you just add up and as my fantasy Empire Army is already based in these multiples it was fine.

I didn't take masses of photos but here are a couple.

Battlelines drawn : Men vs Dwarves  (lots of dice)
Spearmen hold nasty stone troll monster thingies !

I quite enjoyed the rules and would summarise my view as follows :

Positive : quick to learn, army lists are simple, magic less dominant,some tactical complexity, lots of dice to roll (if you like that sort of thing), you can use your existing armies, it doesn't really matter how many figures you have as long as the bases are the same size.
Negative : big units which can disappear very quickly on a bad roll, You need to use wound markers, you can feel a bit disengaged as when it is your turn the opponent doesn't do anything and vice versa but the turns are fairly quick. Shooting felt a bit powerful. Early days but some units felt almost too balanced.

If I didn't have 28mm Fantasy it would play really well as a massed battle game on 15mm or smaller where you could spread out your troops onto designated sized bases. Worth a try.....although my sense is the perfect (for me) fantasy rules sit somewhere halfway between these and WHFB.

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