Monday, 12 October 2015

The Battle for Low House Farm : VBCW

I had recently completed the new farm house (by Charlie Foxtrot) so it was a great opportunity to play our next VBCW scenario with this as the objective. Low House Farm itself lies in unclaimed territory between the areas held by Albertines and the West Cumbrian Socialist Alliance. The Albertines have sent a small force of Militia forward together with an armoured car. Unfortunately they are unaware of a sizeable mixed force of Socialists under the command of the ruthless Crimson Commissar, who are heading their way, their objective is to hold the farm as an outpost for further incursions south of Maryport. They need to hold on until reserves can support them.

The scenario allows the attacking force to enter from all directions which the Socialists do very effectively.
All quiet sheep as yet undisturbed.
Fueled presumably by much cheap vodka the Peoples Army charge on from all sides, as usual they are a mixed bag of disgruntled Union Workers and Co-operatives, a squad of Miners from Whitehaven, and some imported Russian soldiers and sailors.

Luckily the message has got back and Albertine reserves have arrived
The Albertines have a fairly strong reserve made up of regular army troops who have sided with Albert. They also have a light Vickers tank, the highly effective Wigton Local Defence Force and a unit of Maryport uniformed police.

Disgruntled Miners make for the Barn

A french Tank ?
Despite their usual vodka consumption enough of the Russian sailors are still standing to stagger across the battlefield, their confidence increased by an obscure French infantry tank which had been offloaded (stolen) at Barrow and pressed into the Socialist cause.

Forward men !
In true Russian style the Crimson Commissar orders much of his infantry forward in a mad charge at the farm house, heedless of casualties it  may be a rash move. A charge not unlike the famous charge in Enemy at the Gates.....if you haven't got a rifle then pick one up etc.

Wigton Militia have no answer against a tank
Although you can't see it a vicious hand to hand combat is taking place in the the Farm house itself unfortunately the Reds get the better of it and dig in for any counter attack.

Withering fire from the Farm pins the plucky regulars behind the wall
The Reds quickly turn the farm into a stronghold and the hapless regular infantry is gradually cut down as they approach across the fields.

The final push.
With much of their regular infantry now wiped out or scattered the final assault is left to the Boys in Blue, they can be seen above rushing through the vegetable plots at the back of the farm house, and from the front of the house the Wigton LDF are closing in.

Final assault as darkness fell
Unfortunately the game reached its final turn at this stage, and evening fell across the battlefield, the remaining Albertine troops were reluctant to push home the charge in the fading light. Instead licking their wounds they retired under the safety of the darkness leaving the Reds in control of the Farm. Dash it although the commies had lost their Tank and armoured car it had come at a significant cost to Alberts cause.
Smouldering armoured cars across the battlefield
Note we haven't quite worked out how the various battles will effect the overall geography and campaign across North Cumbria. At this stage with small probing attacks it is likely to lead to some realignment of territorial boundaries. More to come :)


  1. Great stuff! The farmhouse makes a grand addition to an already great table!

    1. Thanks G you may well see the farm popping up again soon.