Sunday, 11 October 2015

The final defence of Normandy : FoW

We decided to have one more run out with our FoW for a while so increased the size of our armies. Although we didn't quite plan it, it ended up as a pretty good representation of the end of the occupation of Normandy by the Germans.

With the Germans cast as the defenders they were heavily out numbered, the Americans seeming to have an almost endless supply of armour and men being shipped in across the beaches. But the Germans had one last throw of the dice with the feared tiger tanks.

Don't you just love American armour !
We again played a scenario with two objectives to be captured by the attacking American 4th Infantry Division supported by as many tanks as I could squeeze into the list. In fact this is pretty much all of my (painted) American army. The Germans holding on had to deploy with a significant proportion of their troops in reserve but also had the opportunity to ambush.

Germans in the distance hunker down

Not enough space even in 15mm
With not much space it would be tricky for the American to get everything into combat at the same time. They have pushed forward with tank destroyers in the centre and infantry on both flanks. Armour holding back slightly to develop any breakthrough....hopefully
A large infantry section push for the right hand objective
You'll see I have been playing with the filter setting again in my ipad.

No defenders ? yet
At this stage with the American surging forward and half way across the battlefield the Germans were very thin on the ground.

American armour is reluctant to push forward as German anti-tank guns open up

Watch out Tigers !
Final at the last minute the unmistakable noise of Tiger Tanks trundling down the road. Whilst the infantry on the American right is held up. Tank destroyers take damage in the woods.

German armour seeks to turn the tables
The Germans realise it is all or nothing and throw what remaining armour they have in Normandy forward. The American infantry has made the time old mistake of digging in and it is increasingly hard to get them to move forward.

Doesn't help when novice tank drivers get stuck !
Eventually though the Tigers had to make a choice of which objective to protect and with Shermans pushing for the left flank they moved across behind the farms just out of site in this photo. With this threat out of the way the Americans have brought over their anti-tank guns who have punished the Stugs for being out in the open. At this point it became clear the Germans couldn't hold on much longer and they pulled back presumably to avoid being surrounded and cut off.

The final shot - smoking Stugs !
Another good battle very hard for the Germans to hold being so numerically out numbered....remarkable like the real thing.


  1. A suitably epic (and impressive) table for the Day of Days! Great stuff!

    1. Thanks G when I look back at the pictures I keep thinking I could collect Germans as well that would be fun. But I will resist for now.