Sunday, 15 November 2015

Invading Scotland : inspiration

Has been a bad weekend for hobby stuff, rain makes me busy at work and we had a lot of rain ! But escaped this afternoon and carried out a lighting raid into Scotland (literally). My daughter wanted to go to Gretna shopping, I had no hopes at all of finding anything interesting other than chocolate.......but in the works (discount book shop) I found this !

Just goes to prove you should never give up. Not a book I was aware of or seen anywhere else, it is a detailed outline of the preparations in Scotland in 1940/41 for potential invasion. When I say detailed it has cross sections of all the variations of pill boxes, pictures of tank traps and loads of other stuff.

This fits brilliantlywith my Operation Sealion plans, both for background, pictures and a whole new idea around Germany invading Scotland.....and I just happen to have some Scott's infantry to paint for VBCW.

So a great buy and yes reduced to a mere £6.


  1. Unexpected finds are a great pleasure. I found copy of "The Jungle is Neutral" about the war in Malaya from a charity shop on my way home from work last week

  2. That's one thing that I don't do enough; visiting charity shops, I guess it all comes down to time etc.....


    1. window shopping is not my strong point but when the family force me it is nice to come home with something unexpected !

  3. Now I see Matt how you might be inspired by my map... :-)
    What a great find....