Thursday, 5 November 2015

Temple of the Golden Buddha : IHMN

Some time before Comrade Smirnov was forced to leave mother Russia to the north of England smuggled in a crate of Russian white fish. He had worked as a secret agent for the Okrana. Back home he had run his own Company of adventuring agents carrying out mission on behalf of the state and sometimes for profit.

His Company consists of Himself an excellent sniper, Dr Z, Babooshka, Princess Natasha, his cousin Vlasov the sailor and a number of other agents.

This particular adventure sees the Okrana Company searching for treasure somewhere in the back of beyond with Colonel Cavendish and his Company of Cumberland Soldiers.

(This was actually an opportunity to introduce a new player to IHMN so we arranged a simple scenario and I didn't take that many photos, I apologize now no bubbles, but i am sure we will be back in the Golden Temple sometime)

The Golden Buddha somewhere in the East
 In the scenarios we had 6 possible locations but only three of them with designated treasure.

The Border Reg spread out and start searching
Smirnov and his Company enter the temple close to the famous
Golden Buddha

Dr Z and Vlasov
Sgt Bourne making off with a very large Ruby !
 As usual we played with many of the barrels located around the temple being explosive, one can be seen here going off in the distance knocking a number of adventurers to the floor.
Babooshka rushes through the door only to be gunned down
Sgt Maxwell and the Steam Robot fight off one of the nameless
Okrana agents
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 At this stage it was clear the Russian secret agents had had their day as the Border regiment made off with the majority of the Temples' treasure. So we had time for another scenario. With a more basic combat between the two sides. The Okrana proved a slightly tougher nut this time with the deadly Smirnov once again living up to his reputation, repeatedly picking out the enemy in combats.

The Okrana take the fight straight to the soldiers
Many of the Border's blown down again.
Another 2 !
It was actually quite a close fight but eventually the Border Regiment only had the steam private left, luckily he has a very low pluck and is unlikely to fail.......unless of course you just keep rolling 2's. Perhaps not our most serious scenario but fun to play and lots of laughs.


  1. Excellent...a flashback to Smirnov's past! And after reading the latest WI I'm all enthused about the Back of Beyond! Great stuff!

    1. Thanks ..... You never know we might see further exploration into the bob in the future.

  2. Impressive, very impressive terrain!

    1. Thanks guys we'll try and get another temple in play soon with a more detailed scenario....hopefully when I have completed my next company.