Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ogres vs Abyssal Dwarves : Kings of War

Having played a few games of KoW with Empire Troops and generally liking the feel of the game we thought we would try something different so I swopped my 'men' for Ogres. Luckily (I assume this is deliberate) KoW is built around the same unit sizes as WHFB. So I could field 1600 points with only limited juggling of my Ogre Army.

We rolled up a capture the objectives scenario from the KoW rule book and set to, the game plays fairly fast so i never seem to get many photos. Needless to say i charged across the battlefield with pretty much everything I had. You are allowed to have pretty much any of the troop types from WHFB so i was even able to field my Leadbelchers although they are called something else. Boomers I think....they were slightly less effective but the Abyssal Dwarves weren't to know that.
Ogres charging across the battlefield
Most disappointing was my left flank where the massive mammoth/monster found itself being charged by abyssal half breed thingies who wiped it out in one turn.With my right flank doing better it mean't the battle field turned around the central point.

Crunch !
Not much can stand against this many Ogres ! can it  ?
The find of the battle were the 'heavy' Ogres who get additional attacks, these proved really powerful taking out the stone golem creatures and several other strong units as well. In the end it was pretty much a draw when we added up the points and added bonuses for objectives.

Another fun game, and I have now ordered the rulebook so we can play a bigger battle to see how it works scaled up a bit.


  1. Another epic battle! Whenever I read your KOW AARs, I find myself tempted to pick up the rules despite not having anywhere near enough figs...

  2. Yes the advantage of having lots of figures, it would be higher de-motivating to paint ranks and ranks of figures, you really need some 20 and some 40 units, only to then fail a nerve test and have to take them off the table. I have thought it would be a good system for say massed 6 mm fantasy figures on bases.