Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Taking to the sky part 2 : VBCW

Has been really slow progress completing my first bi-plane for VBCW, although the plane was fairly easy to put together and paint sorting out some form of flying base has been the challenge. My problem being I don't like to spend my hard earned cash.

In the end I have gone for very standard colours as the plane may be used for more than one system and side. The base (total cost 99p ......thinking time about 60 hours !!!!!!) is just a bit of sandstone from the garden and a aerial off eBay but it seems solid and is adjustable, the plane is attached by a strong magnet. When I get round to it I will put some grass on the base. Hopefully they will be taking to the sky above Cumberland soon.


  1. Ah, the dreaded thinking time... Often fatal to many a project or idea.

    1. thanks Roy but I do need to think about something when walking the dogs.

  2. Great idea...well worth the thinking time!

  3. Thanks G hope to get it in the air above a battle soonish