Thursday, 18 February 2016

Reinforcements arrive : VBCW 'Spring Offensive'

A day off work whoopee ........and the post man has finally delivered the final reinforcements for the Dumfries show game. Broadly I feel on schedule but with a couple of free days (rain dependant) I am planning to crack on. So here we have gun crews for the Royalists.....not decided on a colour scheme yet, I 'll be looking to convert one to hold a banner, I will probably try and squeeze three crews and create some flexibility.

 Second up the eagerly awaited tank support for the Albertines. These were order to catch the warlord few deal and an extra tank to get the free postage.......did I just fall into an obvious marketing ploy oops. Anyway you really can't have too many early war tanks can you. So two Matilda I 's these will definitely be playing at Dumfries, an extra Vickers and a Matilda II not sure yet if these will make the frontline by Dumfries.

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