Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Zanzibar Gold : IHMN

Following their previous adventures both Colonel Cavendish and the Earl of  Lonsdale had been spending some time recuperating as had a number of their respective companies. It was then something of a surprise when they separately received un-signed letters informing them that a certain foreign gentleman wished to meet them. It was at these clandestine meetings that they were both informed that the certain foreign gentleman, a Mr Barghash wished to recruit their company's to help him reclaim some of his lost wealth. It was only later they they were to discover that the gentleman was none other than the disgraced Sultan of Zanzibar Khalid bin Barghash.

By some strange turn of events the Sultans gold had been stolen by Russian pirates who had  made their way to the West Coast of England (I sense Smirnov's involvement). Here the trail had gone cold but it was believed the gold had been stashed in the small village of  Rockcliffe as the Pirates heading inland by boat had hurriedly unloaded their booty before the authorities had got wind of it.

After considerable investment Mr Barghash (the Sultan) had traced the gold but now needed it reclaiming on his behalf. What the others didn't know was the urgency was in part because the Sultan already knew the Secret Society of Thule had tracked down the gold and was already on their way. The Sultan was insistent that the gold be retrieved quickly to claim any share of the prize.

......so one evening we find our unsuspecting companies approaching the village.

(a simple capture scenario with each of the three companies entering from a corner their objective to capture the gold in the centre of the board and get it back to base if they can) 

Earl of Lonsdale and his Reckless Fopps
Colonel Cavendish and the Border Regiment
The Colonel has brought Fergusson the Automated Steam Private on the mission. His force splits in two, some heading through the village with Colour Sargent Bourne and the rest through the schoolhouse.
The Society of Thule
Bullets start to whizz across the Graveyard
The 5th Earls' Company appear less than focused this evening
Thule make for the Treasure hidden in the barrel ?
Scuffles break out around the White School House
Colour Sargent Bourne is knocked down
One of the Earl's men has the Barrel but for how long
We encounter the Thule undead creatures for the first time..........but Captain Bromhead is made of sterner stuff than most.

Colonel Cavendish appears distracted
Colonel Cavendish appears distracted while his good friend Captain Bromhead fights with increasing numbers of Thule undead creatures. Sargent Maxwell who has already dispatched a number of enemy runs to rescue his Colonel from danger.

Maxwell must choose who to save Bromhead or Cavendish ?
The Treasure is almost forgotten at this stage...
Cavendish is knock out cold
By now the battle had broken down into small clusters of combatants, key amongst these was the battle between Cavendish and Lonsdale which in then end saw Cavendish and Sargeant Maxwell out of the game.......but it was too late having been distracted by their own petty rivalry the Society of Thule had captured the treasure.

(In the end the scenario proved too hard for any one Company however it provided an excellent battle. This is the first time we have had three companies on the table and it worked ok nearly everybody was knocked out of the game and the Society of Thule who started off pretty badly had more figures and the barrel when we called a halt)

I think it is only fair to tell readers that when the Society of Thule got back to their camp they discovered the barrel was in fact packed with Lead Shot. As they licked their wounds both the Earl and the Colonel were contemplating how they could gain revenge against the Sultan who had clearly double crossed them and how they could get their hands on some of his treasure......only time with tell if they are successful.


  1. Corker, the comic strip dialogue was very funny and I do love your back stories.

    1. Thanks Martin I am clearly not a comedian but if it makes me chuckle occasionally that will do. It won't have missed your attention that I have set up a trip for Cavendish somewhere hot....but this will have to wait a few weeks

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