Friday, 19 February 2016

St Andrews League : VBCW

Pushing on with the preparations. We had always intended have Scottish factions in our campaign so I had picked some up off eBay a while ago. No way I was going to get these done in time so a good mate (Steve) offered to paint them up. This done all I needed to do was base them and spend a little bit of time making them look a bit more VBCW.

We have enough for three 9 man units each with a company lead figure, a Vickers MG and an officer Major Hamish Frazer. One unit has a Lewis gun as well so an excellent start to a Scottish faction. I have as usual kept them fairly generic so they can fight as a range of possible faction, Independent Scottish republicans, Royalists or as in this case St Andrews League who are allied to the Albertine forces in West Cumberland. The flag is removable.

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