Saturday, 27 February 2016

The end in sight : VBCW

Have been finishing off more stuff this afternoon ready for Dumfries and I think I am there now on the figures. Any thing else will be 'eye candy'. But I do have some base board work to do ...hopefully tomorrow. Some of the figures were from York show, the gun crews I had to get separately as I couldn't find any at the show. My 25 pdrs are not quite to scale but as I have been playing with them for about 45 years and I'm not going to change them now.
Royal Cumberland Artillery Battery

Royalist recon unit

Motorcycle outrider/recon unit


  1. 45 years for field guns must be some kind of record. Good luck for Dumfries

    1. It just makes me smile inside when I get them on the table....they were good value when they were bought !