Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Spring Offensive : VBCW

Not done much blogging recently just been too busy....but that doesn't mean things haven't been progressing in a number of different directions.

We are back in Cumberland 1939. The Royalist forces in and around Carlisle have been amassing a sizeable force with a view to pushing the Albertine forces back towards the coast. Alberts' Army of West Cumberland has been getting a little too close to comfort for the people of Carlisle and have had the audacity to carry out a number of localised but high profile raids into Royalist controlled territory (see previous reports under VBCW).

To facilitate the 'Spring Offensive' The Border Regiment has been training new recruits and building stocks of ammunition. Although their true objective is as yet unknown they have started the campaign with a series of probing attacks around Thursby.

The start of the 'Spring Offensive'
Although reports are sketchy it is rumored in the Pubs on  Botchergate that two battles have already taken place. It is not clear to the commanders of Alberts forces if these are feints to draw their own reserves out of position before a more direct drive to the Solway Coast, perhaps along the railway or along the B5307 corridor. With this uncertainty additional Albertine forces are being brought into the Area including newly arrived Scottish Volunteer Regiments, who fed up with Edwards' claim to Scotland, have sided with Albert as a way to further their own cause............we will await developments from the front.

Note we have some new forces, a new campaign and an objective. I was contacted by Simon at Solway Crafts and Miniatures asking if I would put on a demonstration game at Albanich 2016 (Dumfries Show Sat 12th March this year), I have been thinking about this for a while so it was the perfect excuse to have a go at a demo game. Plans are well in place although I have quite a bit to complete. The game at the show will form part of the Spring Offensive which giving time will develop further before March ! in fact I am quite excited. I will blog more of the preparation and of course the Battles for Crofton Hall and Micklethwaite which have already been fought.


  1. Good to have you back. I wait with baited breathe for campaign reports. Here I'm planning a German Expeditionary force invasion starting at Lindisfarne, if I ever stop painting

    1. Operation sealion has been a slow burn project for a long time now, part of the reason i keep the military figures in my VBCW collection quite generic is so i can use them for both.

  2. Sounds superb! Look forward to hearing and seeing more!

  3. Sounds good Matt, VBCW is always a fun outing.

  4. That sounds very interesting, and I'll look forward to reading of your efforts for the show game.