Thursday, 28 July 2016

American Adventure : ACW / Historicon Road Trip the final post.......

I thought I should post a few final comments on my trip just in case somebody lands on the blog with an interest in visiting some of these battlefields. I also needed to put up a picture of the stuff I picked wouldn't have been a Wargames show if I didn't buy anything !

First up the trip

Not the best map I know but this covers all the main battlefields I visited.....

1. Harper's Ferry
2. Antietam
3. Third Winchester
4. Kernstown
5. Cedar Creek
6. New Market
7. Cedar Mountain
8. Fredricksburg
9. Chancellorsville
10. Wilderness
11. Spotsylvania
12. Cold Harbour
13. Gaines's Mill
14. Petersburg
15. Malvern Hill
16. Yorktown
17. North Anna
18. Manassas

Here are most of the things I bought, I tried to pick up bargains which were cheaper in the US rather than UK but I was obviously limited by carrying stuff back. As you can see I also picked up other bits, the Stonewall Bust from his house in Winchester, and a couple of battle maps to go on the wall in the Dungeon. I didn't pay $20 for the ACW infantry.

So that is pretty much the trip, a fantastic time, I have learnt masses and have far more respect for the ACW than I did before. The battlefields in the majority are well preserved and Virginia is beautiful although the major cities like everywhere have areas of poverty. Historicon is an aquired taste, I would definitely jump at the chance to go again but distance and logistics make it unlikely for a while. I may just think about some of the other big shows in the states though 😀. Even with a terrible exchange rate it didn't feel that expensive and when you can fill your car for $20 ! Travel with a car is very cheap.

So what next...........that is for another post, normal Wargame blogging from the dungeon will resume.


  1. Remarkable trip. Really great tour. ACW is a good period to play.

    1. Thanks ACW is definitely on the agenda more to come.

  2. Nice trip! You've really made a comprehensive tour. My wife and I were at Antietam yesterday, and Gettysburg the day before.

    1. Fantastic, it is a few years since I visited Gettysburg but would like to return one day.

  3. You've certainly had an amazing trip, it has been wonderful watching your journey unfold.

  4. That's a lot of battlefields, and in a small geographic area too!
    Nearest battlefield to me, at Richmond, North Yorks, is Northallerton (Battle of the Standard, August 22, 1138) but I don't think many will have trekked far to some and see that site.

    1. Trust me your Richmond is nicer than the one in Virginia !😀 But I might seek out the battlefield now.

  5. Great stuff Matt. You have got me planning another trip myself. So many more places to see!

    1. Thanks Rodger really glad I might have provided that small spark of enthusiasm....I am working out how I build the brownie points to get away next year 😀