Thursday, 21 July 2016

American adventure day eight : Chancellorsville and more..

Gaming over now for the holiday so back to History and the American Civil War. The whole trip of course is really just and excuse to game the civil war so I will be painting my figures when I get back.

On to the eight was scheduled to be 100 degrees plus 😡 So why not head to Chancellorsville, the Wilderness and Spotsylvania. Some of the most famous battles of the Civil War. I have decided now I can't possibly cover everything I have done so will only cover a tiny bit and a couple of photos. These were actually a couple of days ago so more to catch up.

According to the ranger this is where they now believe Stonewall was shot ?
Chancellorsville battle named after the house which was here and the family who hid in the basement during the battle only being rescued as the house burnt down around them.
Some of the rebel cannons on the heights given up by the Union.
The Wilderness is just that and a hard battle to understand or visualise.
The Bloody Angle my wide angle shot actually turning it the wrong way round ?


  1. It must have been tough slogging through that wilderness especially in the heat.

    1. They were a hardy bunch .........but I have read in one of my books that significantly more troops died due to other causes, than in battle ! So we can only imagine how tough is was back then.

  2. It's 111f with the humidity here in NW Ohio today, and I can imagine how tough it must have been for the troops in those days, especially when you consider they wore wool uniforms!

    1. Impossible to imagine I have read more troops died to other causes than battle so that says a lot for the conditions in both summer and winter! As for me I am ok with heat luckily😀 Not sure about 111 though !