Saturday, 23 July 2016

American Adventure day nine : "On to Richmond"

Sorry this post got deleted somehow so I have reposted....

Having spent several days in and around Fredricksburg which I would recommend to anybody, it was time to travel further south and in the words of the North "on to Richmond". It isn't that far so after a gentle start I headed for Cold Harbour a grim defensive battle fought by the Confederates with the Union throwing away troops in poorly co-ordinated frontal attacks. Grant admitted this was one of his biggest and needless mistakes of the war.
Some of the trenches built by the Confederate forces, having been given too much time by Grant's army.

Effectively this shot is taken from the union position with the Rebels just at the other end of the sunny trees. At the time it was an open field and the union forces attacked across 'no mans land' in a precursor to WW1 type battles.

Back in time then to Gaines's Mill fought in 1862..... A really nicely preserved but fairly small battlefield. A Union victory as the rebels attempt to destroy the remnants of an escaping Federal army which manages to get away. Should you ever visit watch out for midges down by the River !

The top field confederates attack union position this time up hill and into the face of a strong position along the line of the wooden fences.
Finally I visited the Museum of the confederacy which is attached to the Confederate White House in Richmond. This served as the Confederate centre of power during most of the war and where Jefferson Davis lived. The museum has some really impressive exhibits and many famous captured Confederate flags. Well worth a visit.
There were many more artifacts in the museum in.culding General Lee grey Cowboy style hat. JEB Stewart's field kit etc etc....

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