Tuesday, 19 July 2016

American adventure day seven : Quatre Bras to Fredricksburg

Catching up on updates...... Sunday is the last day for Historicon and the show closes down around lunchtime. Not quite sure what might be going on I had a look around the being and buy and then ended up playing one of the few games actually taking place. This was another Carnage and Glory affair...this time Napoleonic run by Greg Robitaille. In 15 mm this was a real challenge as he had set the game up with a system to keep units hidden, this meant all generals had a very limited view of what was going on. It was a great game nicely set up but in common with several of the other games I have played here we ran out of time.

I then has an afternoon and visited Fredricksburg battlefield. This has been partly built over but with a nice visitors centre, including useful, orientation film you get a good picture of the battle which took place.
A famous painting of the battle 
The famous 'sunken lane'
Confederate guns overlooking the lane from Marye's Heights
More rebel guns at the overlook where Lee commanded the battle

You can then drive to the eastern end of the battlefield at Prospect Hill infamous for the 'slaughter pen' ........it really was madness to attack Fredricksburg where the confederates were dug in and had the advantage of high ground.
The holiday cannon count increases 😀


  1. I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself over here. Fredericksburg is interesting in another aspect. During the battle a Confederate gun exploded while Lee and Longstreet were nearby. Neither suffered significant injury, but as a what-if scenario it's interesting to speculate on what would've happened to their cause had they been badly injured or killed.

    1. Thanks for following.....I have taken in so much history in the last few days. The info board close to the second to last photo covers the incident you mention....and funnily I remember this from the Gods and Generals film.