Friday, 22 July 2016

Historicon : some of the other games

I didn't put all the photos in the previous posts so here are just a few of the other least the ones I took photos of....l can't remember what they all were.

American civil war Carnage and Glory
Charge of the light Brigade BIG!
Massive medieval battle

Took this shot at 10:30 in the evening when I was going to bed.
Beautiful WW2 in 28 mm
Possibly the largest ancient, Roman and Gauls I think, game ever the shot doesn't do it justice it is about 25 feet long !!!
Lots of naval games, serious guys looking at mainly blue cloth
Some sci-if but not that much
This was just the main hall with games insight or so other rooms as well.
Not everything perfect but people were having fun gaming

Finally I think Austerlitz in lovely 6 mm


  1. Some huge games, must be an American thing

    1. Nearly everything is bigger in the US😀

  2. Nice stuff, thanks for sharing.

    1. Of course I can't take any credit just for the photos😊