Thursday, 21 July 2016

American Adventure Day four : Lost shoes to Cedar Mountain

Slightly out of order but last Thursday was my trip across from the Shenandoah Valley across to Fredricksburg. Having stayed the night in New Market it was only fitting I visit New Market battlefield first thing. Here there is an excellent visitor centre with museum and a good quality orientation film. Then out to the battlefield...this is actually quite small but preserves a fairly famous episode in the civil war when running low on troops the confederates brought into the line cadets from the Virginia Military Institute. This boys would have been anywhere between 15 and 18 training for the military. Reluctantly they were put into the front line and fought with distinction.
Battlefield at New Market and the farm which was pretty much the centre of the battle.
The field of lost shoes and the Orchard through which the cadets attacked.
The Shenandoah valley
The battlefield itself covers the area they fought the "field of lost shoes" commemorating the muddy field in which many lost their footwear.

I then took the scenic route across the mountains 
and dropped down to Culpper I only had time for one battlefield and chose to walk Cedar Mountain rather than Brandy station both of which are close to the town. Again only a small part of the battle is preserved but it was pretty hot so it was enoug to get a feel.


  1. Beautiful photos Matt. Thanks!

    1. Thanks had to take a bad shot when the scenery is so spectacular.😀

  2. Great photos, thanks for sharing.