Sunday, 23 August 2015

In a little village in Normandy : FoW

A bit behind on blogging so some more FoW in the dungeon from a couple of weeks ago. Having randomly chosen a scenario we find the American 4th infantry again supported by a couple of independent tanks platoons facing a fierce armoured assault on a small village in Normandy.

Americans dug in, whilst the Germans come on from the far side
The two objectives are between the military looking huts and just to the left of the copse this side of the village.
STUG's look to force a way round the village but are held back by Shermans
First Sherman platoon has taken up station at the back of the village, the scenario also give the American defenders a unit in ambush the antitank guns platoon on the right has just revealed itself and opened fire taking out one of the advancing Stugs.

Shermans get the better of the engagement but a dreaded Tiger apporaches
A second Stug is knocked out by the shermans in the village, but the danger with so much German armour is once they break through the infantry support will not be able to hold them. Oh yes the Germans have  Tiger as well !

Shermans hold this side of the village but they need support
Desperate tank action in the village itself with the shermans trying to block all the exits !

Just in time a platoon of 76mm Shermans arrives
Re-enforcements arrive in the form of a platoon of powerful76mm Shermans, but the front line is starting to break and the Tiger has made its way into the village.

Tiger forces the first platoon back and engages with the reserves
German infantry is now in the village
Although massively powerful the Tigers can be defeated by concentrating firepower, outnumbered the Tiger bursts into flames.

Concentrated fire power knocks out the Tiger, anti- tanks guns have now
been brought forward but eventually German panzers push past the village
to take the objective.
Not sure why but I didn't get any photos after this stage. the German panzer IV's forced their way round the left of the village. American rangers pushed into the village forcing the German infantry to withdraw. But the Americans had run out of effective anti-tank weapons and the Pz's took the objective. A  very close and hard fought battle. The Americans still don't have an answer to the German heavy artillery !