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The Crypt of St Cuthberts Church : IHMN

Whilst recovering from his wounds Colonel Cavendish had been investigating the old library in the castle here he found reference to certain occult powers, these he reasoned whilst very unorthodox would undoubtedly be useful in future campaigns More than once he had come up against similar powers in foreign lands. With further detailed study he tracked down an old occult group referred to as the Mystic Brotherhood who had been associated with St Cuthbert's church in Carlisle.

Knowing there was an old Crypt at the Church he pulled together an elite company of the Queens' finest and set off to investigate. What he didn't know was there was a spy in the castle and the information had also been passed to Obediah Hugget the Earl of Lonsdale's Butler, they too were making for the crypt.

(This was going to be the first time we have played with my new multipurpose Dungeon Terrain !)

The Crypt of St Cuthbert's Church lies under the church but then extends out under the graveyard...access for the two companies would be via a randomly chosen doorway.

St Cuthbert's Church and the Crypt extending out under the graveyard
The objective for the battle was to collect mystical powders held within a series of coffins located across the crypt. There were eight of these roughly in a central line. The two access points are shown with green arrows. For this scenario based entirely underground characters were not allowed to climb out of the crypt, the companies had to collect the objectives and then get them back to their start point.
The Crypt
Colonel Cavendish enters the Crypt
Some of the doors in the Crypt are locked and characters needed to roll a D6 to open them.

Earl of Lonsdale with his household and the Askham Fops

The Borderers spread out
All the barrels found in the crypt contained flammable fluid, some mixture of oil no doubt so any loose shots could cause explosions. There were also three giant rats hidden in crates which would attack any figures getting too close.

The Earl's company make good progress
But they may have alerted the Borderers who have already opened a
number of locked doors

 Attack being the best form of defence the Earl and his Fops choose to rush forward to see if they can push the Borderers back. Unfortunately due to the confined spaces and doors only one Fop gets through, he is duly despatched by two privates !
The soldiers outnumber and knock out the first Fop !

Another coffin located...
With such difficult terrain to search the two companies broke up into small groups where individual fights kicked off, everybody looking to take cover where they could. By now the giant rats had already despatched a couple of the Fops due to bad dice rolling !

Taking cover in the Crypt
 The soldiers were clearly made of stern stuff as they repeatedly shrugged off the rats and seemed to show no remorse in shooting down Mrs Cranston the Earl's cook.

Lady Violet caught in the corner
 Whilst the soldiers pushed on it became clear that Lady Violet was getting cornered whilst collecting one of the objectives. In the centre of the Crypt the Colonel sought to outnumber the Earl and overwhelm him. Thinks didn't look good.
The Earl trapped ? in combat
 Protected by one of the Fops Lady Violet was able to pick up an objective and make a run for it...but it was going to be a long way back !

Lady Violet makes a run for it
In the fight in the centre Captain Bromhead was struggling to draw his pistol. The Colonel shouted a warning but too late as the shot rang out the Earl dodged and the bullet hit the explosive barrels. BOOM ! Whilst the Earl was able to spring back to his feet immediately the Colonel was lying on the Crypt floor dazed. Bromhead himself had been knocked unsensible and was out of the game.
Showing that the Earl was also determined and clearly not to be trifled with he calmly shot the Colonel who was still lying on the ground ! The Private who had also survived the explosion could do nothing but look on in horror.

In the confusion of the explosion the Colonel is shot whilst on the floor !
 But the Earl didn't have time to stand and gloat he heard the beautiful Lady Violet shouting for help, just in time and with the swift practiced eye of a big game hunter another private was out of the game.
Long shot from the Earl
 The challenge now was to see if the Earl and Lady Violet could get their way back across the Crypt ?

Soldiers close in on Lady Violet
 At the other end of the Crypt Sgt Maxwell had made his way to the enemy access point to square up to Obediah Hugget.

Youth vs Experience ?
 Back in the centre the Earl and his Lady were desperately trying to escape but it was becoming increasingly difficult as more soldiers drawn byt he shooting came to the centre.

The barrels still burning as the Earl and the Lady attempt to escape
 Taken by surprise Obediah was struck to the ground by young Sgt Maxwell. Unfortunately for them the door was locked.
Youth wins !

It was clear by now that although the Colonel had been severely wounded and would require several weeks in the infirmary the Borderers had won the day and there was no way the Earl could get back, they chose to escape the Crypt by a side tunnel..........

No doubt in his sick bed he would be able to piece together further information on the mystical powders he had now obtained. He also thought he knew just the person to help him utilise these skills.

.........a great game using the new terrain.


  1. Excellent stuff. So this is the secret project?

    1. Thanks P. Yes the secret project is revealed lots of possibilities from Mines of Moria, Victorian sewers through to 40K as always I have tried to keep it as flexible as possible

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    1. Thanks really enjoying the narrative aspects of IHMN

  3. That is a fantastic table! So many uses in so many games! And another great battle report! Brilliant!

    1. Thanks G I got the idea from Eric the Shed and I have tried to make it as flexible as possible so hopefully you'll see it again soon.

  4. Impressive terrain !

    Greate AAR one again !

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    1. Thanks for the feedback :) hopefully more dungeon battles soon.