Saturday, 22 August 2015

Very British Civil War 1938

I have been collecting and developing ideas around the Very British Civil War for a while, posting a few pictures of some of my completed units on the blog. We have now reached the start point for what I plan to be a long term project. Whilst we have clearly relied heavily on the widely available source material I don't want to be overly constrained....this is our own VBCW set around where we live.

To set the scene I have drawn up a base map from where the campaign will develop.

Cumberland and Borders 1938
The Areas on the map 'under control' can be considered to be reasonably well defined, major roads would have check points and patrols controlling them, but not all borders would be protected, Cumberland being a very sparsely populated Area. Some key locations protected by Gun emplacements etc.... Areas 'outside of the controlled' zones are either independent, or not properly defined. It seems likely that many of these areas and communities will have some allegiance to one or other faction but this may not yet be understood.

The Royalists and Fascists whilst closely aligned may not always be comfortable bedfellows and internal factional fighting may be possible in the future.

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