Monday, 31 August 2015

Smuggling Vodka : IHMN

One of  Justice Blackborough's (AKA the Mask) illegal operations is the smuggling of alcohol without the full payment of due government taxes. A crime he frequently punishes others for quite harshly in the Carlisle Courts. His supply is through a Russian Sailor called Valdimir, reputedly a distant cousin of Smirnov. The goods come to the west coast on Russian fishing ships and are then smuggled through the cliffs. On this occasion the Peelers have had a tip off and hope to catch the gang in the caves and tunnels red handed.

(Note : The scenario required the Ruffian gang to carry three barrels of elicit Vodka from the foreshore to the top of the cliffs using the various underground tunnels and caves. The majority of doors were locked and required a simple D6 to open them. Shooting was not permitted from one level of the caves system to another, we randomised the entry points for both sides, all other barrels ie not Vodka were designated as explosive)

The scene is set with the Ruffians entering the cave system from the foreshore, luckily in previous excursions the gang have left boxes and crates to enable them to climb between the cave levels.

 The Carlisle Peelers make their way into the caves from the road.

 The Chief Inspector is escorted by his good friend the Doctor.

Although we didn't arrange it for this game it would seem sensible to have a system of hidden movement and deployment. The Ruffians have a new recruit to the gang and Irish man Mad Michael, high level of pluck as he carried with him a good sized collection of explosives strapped around his chest. This he can use as grenades but there is always a danger he just blows up !

 The Mask leading his gang into the caves, spreading out seemed a good option to try and slip through unmolested ?

During a scuffle one of the Ruffians foolishly uses his pistol missing the Bobby but hitting the nearby explosives.

The Chief inspector found himself slightly blocked in but wary of Mad Mike sends one of his constables forward to clear the way.

Charlie Hickmen the well known street boxer is always up for a fight

But even he may struggle when the Police call in more support. As this is Valdimir's first adventure we weren't sure if he would have what it takes to join the ruffians full time ?

One of the Ruffians jumps in to help Mad Mike !

The ever dependable Sgt Burne seeks to reprimand the gang but he is out numbered and foolishly has left his support behind.

Numbers have told and the Peelers have finally knocked Charlie to the ground. They are probably slightly rougher than legally required but its dark and nobody is going to complain. In the distance the chief Inspector, who had once won the north of England Police marksman award let off a shot at Smirnov who had foolishly stood still. He was down !!!

With no end to the scuffle Scarlet decides to join in.

But the inevitable happens Mad Michael finally manages to strike a match ! unlucky for him, but at least Scarlet survived.

The Police are now acting in force but are slightly out of position when the remaining gang members make a break for freedom. The heroic Sgt Burne having tackled 2 or 3 Ruffians came up against his nemesis the Mask, a very sad day for the Constabulary, hopefully he will recover from his wounds.

The final gang members make a break for the cliff top,  despite a constable attempting to stop him on the ladder the first Barrel of Vodka was out. The Mask blocks the way !

The game was now almost up, with only two final twists, Scarlet once more using her abundant talents fools the Doctor bringing him down with her Poisoned blade, and although the light was fading and I didn't manage to get a photo she went on in the final turn of the game to dish out a similar fatal blow to the Chief Constable. The moral being never trust a woman in  red wearing a mask.

Once more an excellent battle/game lots of twists and turns, and another run out for the new terrain. More adventures are in the pipeline.........


  1. Fabulous report and a great scenario.

  2. Smirnov down? Blimey. He must be losing his edge! Brilliant bat rep...and your table is just fantastic!.

    1. Think it might have been a lucky shot in the dark or even a ricochet ? surely the chief Constable can't be that good a shot !

  3. Smirnov was obviously a bit too enthusiastic when testing the quality of the merchandise, dulled his senses. The boys in blue had a tough time, I reckon their grass gave them a dodgy tip off.

  4. The terrain is really good
    M I've sent u a text so can u have a look at it please thx

    1. Thanks not sure I got a txt have just come back from holiday ?