Sunday, 30 August 2015

Once more to Normandy...... Flames of War

Still catching up on Blogs..... a couple of weeks ago we continued our FoW Normandy theme. Our forces remained very similar as by necessity I don't have enough troop choices without including the 'points' heavy tanks. So back to the 4th Infantry Division supported by Shermans up against a very heavily armoured panzer group. We had a fairly simple scenario with two objectives each but random reserves. From the previous battle the 4th Infantry have struggled against the armoured panzers so this time they brought some additional artillery.

Stugs push forward around the village
The whole of the far end of the battlefield was raised up as a significant hill, this is the first time we have played the table like this and I was pleasantly pleased with the effect which gives a whole new feel to the table.

American armour in strength supported by antitank guns and
heavy artillery in the background.
Note to self teddy bear fur looks great !

On the other American flank a second Sherman platoon
advances supported by 105mm Sherman artillery

76mm Shermans hold to the cover of the fields

Stugs supported by a Tiger tank take up a blocking position
The American objective was to get through into the village but this is where the Germans had concentrated their armour. A tense tank duel ensued. Whilst in the background the American infantry is pushing forward

Furious tank duel starts to take its toll
Concentrated firepower once again managed to knock out the lone Tiger but it cost the Shermans almost all their armour.

Two more Stugs advance ! on the flank
Eventually the German armour got he better of the duel and the command Stug and the 2ic started to sweep around the American left flank. The American infantry attempted to rush in but failed and were easily wiped out
American GI's fall back in the face of German armour
With the American left flank now exposed it looked like the game was up ! The remaining stugs pushed forward towards the central objective.
American left flank in trouble
Missed a picture here in the excitement, the German command became over confident and the American infantry unit dug in in the corn field were able to surprise attack them swiftly dropping grenades into the hatch of the command tank. In the centre American anti-tank guns opened up on the three central stugs knocking one out and forcing the remaining two to flee the field.

American infantry advance to the village
The American infantry were able to get across the village but without support they were too weak to mount a proper attack for the objective.

On the far right flank Panzer IV's advance
So the battle would be decided on the American right flank. Here the heavy artillery had held a platoon of Panzer IV's back as they were unwilling to risk breaking cover. But the ever accurate German heavy Artillery (hardly ever shown as they aren't painted !) were gradually reducing the American firepower. After a short duel with the remaining Sherman 76's they began their advance.

We called it a game here as the Americans didn't really have anything left that could deal with the Panzer IV's. So a marginal win for the Germans in another very close and enjoyable encounter.


  1. The Americans almost turned it around! Great stuff!

    1. Yes almost....I need more anti tank capability !